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A selection of analysed Facilities:

  • brown and hard coal fired power stations
  • combined heat and power station based on coal, light oil and natural ga
  • heating houses of different facilities
  • biomass-fired CHP plants
  • biogas and natural gas CHP plants
  • facilities of glass, ceramic and cement producing industry
  • wood incineration facilities
  • sludge incineration facilities
  • pyrolysis facilities
  • shredder facilities
  • hazardous / special waste incineration facilities
  • ammunition disposal facilities
  • steelworks
  • metalworking industry
  • woodworking industry
  • cement and gypsum industry
  • paint and printing industry
  • textile industry
  • chemical industry
  • smokehouse facilities
  • crematoria
  • combustion engine based on natural, sewage, landfill and bio gas
  • waste treatment facilities
  • Oxyfuel - technology power station
A selection of analysed Facilities:
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